Futury Capital invests in Particula

March 18, 2024

Futury Capital invests in Particula - the rating platform for digital assets

Frankfurt, Germany - [18.03.2024] - Particula GmbH receives funding from Futury Capital, a Frankfurt-based venture capital fund, and other international investors. Particula, an up-and-coming start-up based in Munich, has developed an innovative rating platform that issues ratings for tokenised assets similarly to conventional rating agencies.

In addition to the Frankfurt venture capitalist, Plug & Play from Sunnyvale, California, and Hatcher+, a Singapore-based venture capital firm known for its data-driven approach to creating globally diversified portfolios, have also invested in Particula. Other investors who have recognised the company's potential include Vanagon Ventures, the Blockchain Founders Group, Asia Pacific Investment Partners, and various business angels.

Financial institutions and leading companies are increasingly turning to tokenised assets and expanding their capabilities in this area to attract new customer groups, improve liquidity and trading of traditional assets and reduce costs. With its rating platform, Particula closes the information gap in this still early market and provides clear guidance for investors.

Originally emerging from the Blockchain Founders Group incubator, Particula has already attracted well-known DAX companies and banks. The capital provided by Futury Capital will be used to further drive the growth of the young start-up.

Benjamin Krahmer, Managing Director of Futury Capital, explains the investment decision as follows: "We see great market potential; many banks and industry-leading companies are already looking strongly at the market and are increasingly extending their involvement. The reduction of regulatory hurdles and the simultaneous development of guidelines are fuelling the efforts of European banks and companies to intensify this involvement even more. As a first mover for the rating of tokenised assets, Particula is ideally positioned to shape the market. We are impressed by the maturity of the young but dynamic founding team and the company's progress in just one year since its foundation."

About Futury Capital:

Futury Capital is an early and growth stage investor focussing on tech start-ups in Germany and worldwide. The investment portfolio favours globally scalable business models in a variety of industries. Through its LP structure with the State of Hesse, family offices, institutional investors and multinational corporations, Futury Capital supports the portfolio strategically and operationally to help build exceptional companies.

About Particula:

Particula is a Munich-based start-up specialising in the rating of tokenised real assets. To make the market for digital assets more transparent and understandable for professional investors, Particula analyses tokenised assets based on economic, environmental, compliance and technological criteria. Through this comprehensive assessment, Particula enables investors to make informed decisions and contributes to developing a trustworthy and sustainable market for digital assets.


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